Sanford Food Center

            I , Terry Prime, grew up in a small town (even smaller than Sanford) in the thumb of Michigan.  When I was about four or five I remember sitting in a very small grocery store/meat market owned by my grandfather and grandmother.  Grandpa used to slaughter cows, pigs, chickens etc from the local farmers in the area.  Grandpa was a butcher.  When my father returned from over seas during WWII he joined the family business learning the trade from grandpa.  After a few years they outgrew the little store and built a new one.  The store was still much smaller than our food center but it serviced the surrounding neighborhoods.  Being twenty-two miles from the closest city, the store prospered, as long drive make it more economical to shop nearby.

            The Sanford Food Center reminds me of the store my family owned when I was a child. It has a great meat selection and a wide verity of fresh veggies, as well as a complete stock of groceries and a deli.  Many locals do all their shopping there. (Hometown Pride).  As a member of the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce, the owners reach out to assist the community any chance they get.            

Do you need a loaf of bread, a jar of spaghetti sauce, a beer or some wine?  Come on in, The staff are more than willing to help you find anything you might be looking for. Their motto is “We are everything our customers need us to be!”