College Scholarships

Every year for the past five the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce has awarded College Scholarships to graduating students from the Sanford Area. It was/is not necessary to graduate from the Meridian High school. We have increased our scholarship donations to 3 each year at $750.00. If you or a family member or friend will be graduating soon contact us for an application.

Students that received the Scholarships in the past years are listed below.

Lindsay Carmoney 2015 $500.00 _____ Zach Spangler 2016 $500.00

Zach Maynard 2016 $500.00 _____ Kennedy Zimikly 2017 $500.00

Karleigh Zimikly 2017 $500.00 ______ Tyler Wetherell 2018 $500.00

Jackson Carmoney 2018 $500.00 _____ Hunter Merillat 2019 $750.00

Sydney Carmoney 2019 $750.00 _____ Hannah Raymond 2019 $750.00

Congratulations to these fine students. Lets see your name on the list next year.

Scholarship Application